Monday, January 25, 2010

Semi-Precious Weapons Video Shoot x BKR Denim

Semi-Precious Weapons Music Video Shoot @ Webster Hall

What a great night! Last Friday, we came out to support Brooklyn's own Semi-Precious Weapons for their first major-label video shoot of self-titled "Semi-Precious Weapons", an iconic single that will surely advance their rise from local indie fav to leaders of an international cult of manic rockers who will plaster frontman Justin Tranter's face on every inch of their bodies and snort glitter for breakfast.

Davie Bowie's heir-apparent & Brooklyn darling, Justin Tranter

Fresh off of a stunning 4-show run at Radio City Music Hall and at the cusp of the international leg of their tour with Lady Gaga, the guys took their day off to sit back, relax and film the wildest rock show we've seen in a while. The mood was set by subtle staging directions like, "Every man, woman & child better be pregnant when they leave here tonight!" and "If you don't have an STD yet, now's the time for a change!"

Brooklyn Royalty's Bob Bland in our Spring 2010 Corset

Check out the images below, especially SPW's incredible bassist Cole Whittle, sporting hand-painted, made-to-order Brooklyn Royalty denim. You can see them on the runway here, and they'll be available for pre-order on February 1st at the BKR Boutique (our new estore)!

SPW's incredible (and super-nice) bassist, Cole Whittle in BKR Denim

Check out this video via Poison Ivy, it was exactly like this.

SPW's Dan Crean looks towards the future

SPW's Stevy Pyne in his Semi-Famous Wig
Dan Crean on Drums