Monday, February 23, 2009

Brooklyn Royalty featured in Detroit News!!

Designer Bob Bland at Brooklyn Royalty used Body Faders fabric for the company's spring 2009 collection, which included tanks, tees, trunks, hoodies, scarves and bandannas. The pink-to-blue and teal-to-chartreuse lineup reminded people of the Hypercolor T-shirts that became popular in the 1980s but vanished when the dyes proved to be short-lived. They showed off some of the body faders fabrics during a fashion show in September on the Brooklyn Bridge.

"Everyone loved the color-changing fabrics," Bland said. "Thermochromatic jerseys are undoubtedly one of the biggest emerging trends for spring '09, but at Brooklyn Royalty, we are even more excited about future applications of the Body Faders' technology on finer woven fabrics like silk charmeuse, organic denim and wool. Definitely look for more interactivity in fabrics from us in future collections."