Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Brooklyn Royalty Supports Daniel Saynt + Fashion Indie

Brooklyn Royalty at Fashion Indie Week's Brooklyn Bridge Show

As a group of independent designers who know exactly how hard it is to rise through the ranks of NYC fashion, we were disappointed by the naive attitude of journalist Gillian Reagan in her article, "Fashion Bloggers Unite! You Have Nothing to Lose but Your Pariah Status", in yesterday's NY Observer.

Generally, we do not comment on specific articles because we appreciate all media coverage and viewpoints, but Brooklyn Royalty would not have had nearly the same amount of opportunities without the support of virtually everyone mentioned in the piece, including Fashion Indie, Coutorture and tonight's Digital Moda-sponsor Smashing Darling.

We have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Fashion Indie's Daniel Saynt and his staff for several years, and from their great coverage of the line from its inception to our inclusion in the wildly successful (and professionally done) SS09 Brooklyn Bridge Show, we have known Daniel to be a responsible, passionate advocate for indie fashion.

Daniel Saynt working hard for us at the Brooklyn Bridge Show

Any seasoned writer knows that each publication is required to take on a certain voice for their readers, and the fact that Fashion Indie's voice is provocative and edgy should not reflect on Daniel Saynt's character, merely on his choice of direction for the website. Additonally, every fashion blogger we've ever met has occasionally attended a runway show they were not invited to; it is basically a rite of passage for up-and-coming bloggers and we have a hard time believing that Style Coalition's Yuli Ziv hasn't taken in a few shows in this manner.

Fashion is a tough enough industry for everyone involved, designers and writers alike, without inventing conflicts like this on the pages of a major news publication. Have fun, celebrate your love of fashion, and keep a light-hearted attitude...after all, there's nothing less stylish than an uptight, boring Fashion Week.

Brooklyn Royalty Supports Daniel Saynt and Fashion Indie.
Village Voice Press from The Brooklyn Bridge Show

Press we got in The Williamsburg Courier thanks to Fashion Indie