Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Brooklyn Royalty Rocks at Digital Moda

Designer Bob Bland and Models Represent

Brooklyn Royalty featured 8 looks from their newly released Spring 2009 collection last night at the Digital Moda event, located at a loft on Bryant Park during NYFW. We were invited by the fabulous Trish and Mo from our favorite e-store Smashing Darling, and at the party we saw all our good friends like Guestofaguest, Natalie from Ladies Lotto, Alyson from AMP3PR, Makeup Artist Jessi Butterfield, Fashion Photographer Rick Louis, Washington Style Reporter Diana Bland and more!

The event, which merged social media and fashion networking, was very unique in that much of the video footage and interviews were livecast, and there are already tons of press clips, with more coming. Check everything out below, and thanks so much to everyone who attended for your enthusiastic response to our collection!

Our Fabulous Model, Reggie

Sporting the Obama tee and a wedding dress...

The Equally Fabulous Eyerusalem

Color-Change Jersey and Graffiti Tops
Fashion Photographer Rick Louis

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