Monday, February 23, 2009

Brooklyn Royalty featured in Detroit News!!

Designer Bob Bland at Brooklyn Royalty used Body Faders fabric for the company's spring 2009 collection, which included tanks, tees, trunks, hoodies, scarves and bandannas. The pink-to-blue and teal-to-chartreuse lineup reminded people of the Hypercolor T-shirts that became popular in the 1980s but vanished when the dyes proved to be short-lived. They showed off some of the body faders fabrics during a fashion show in September on the Brooklyn Bridge.

"Everyone loved the color-changing fabrics," Bland said. "Thermochromatic jerseys are undoubtedly one of the biggest emerging trends for spring '09, but at Brooklyn Royalty, we are even more excited about future applications of the Body Faders' technology on finer woven fabrics like silk charmeuse, organic denim and wool. Definitely look for more interactivity in fabrics from us in future collections."

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Brooklyn Royalty on Mike & Juliet Show!

Brooklyn Royalty Metallic Gold Jeans

Amber Lee Ettinger
, famously known as "The Obama Girl," was featured on the Mike and Juliet Show wearing Brooklyn Royalty! Check out the pics above!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Brooklyn Royalty is Going to Chicago!!

NYC-based premium apparel line Brooklyn Royalty’s wildly popular t-shirt designs from the 2008 Presidential Campaign have now been selected for a curated exhibit at threewalls gallery in Chicago, IL. Fresh off the heels of the enthusiastic response and incredible attendance we received at the “Buckle” opening at Lyons Wier Ortt Gallery in NYC, Brooklyn Royalty continues to move forward in our commitment to fashion as fine art with our inclusion in this significant and historic group show. Three designs, including “Vote Change Now”, “Barack Obama is My President”, and “Two-Tone Obama”, are being featured in the Dispatch Exhibition, and we will be offering a limited run of Inauguration-edition tees at the opening on Friday, February 20th, 2009 from 6-9pm. This will be the first time these designs have been made available to the Chicago fashion scene. Tees are also available for purchase online at

On View until March 27, 2009

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Brooklyn Royalty Rocks at Digital Moda

Designer Bob Bland and Models Represent

Brooklyn Royalty featured 8 looks from their newly released Spring 2009 collection last night at the Digital Moda event, located at a loft on Bryant Park during NYFW. We were invited by the fabulous Trish and Mo from our favorite e-store Smashing Darling, and at the party we saw all our good friends like Guestofaguest, Natalie from Ladies Lotto, Alyson from AMP3PR, Makeup Artist Jessi Butterfield, Fashion Photographer Rick Louis, Washington Style Reporter Diana Bland and more!

The event, which merged social media and fashion networking, was very unique in that much of the video footage and interviews were livecast, and there are already tons of press clips, with more coming. Check everything out below, and thanks so much to everyone who attended for your enthusiastic response to our collection!

Our Fabulous Model, Reggie

Sporting the Obama tee and a wedding dress...

The Equally Fabulous Eyerusalem

Color-Change Jersey and Graffiti Tops
Fashion Photographer Rick Louis

(images courtesy of

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Brooklyn Royalty Supports Daniel Saynt + Fashion Indie

Brooklyn Royalty at Fashion Indie Week's Brooklyn Bridge Show

As a group of independent designers who know exactly how hard it is to rise through the ranks of NYC fashion, we were disappointed by the naive attitude of journalist Gillian Reagan in her article, "Fashion Bloggers Unite! You Have Nothing to Lose but Your Pariah Status", in yesterday's NY Observer.

Generally, we do not comment on specific articles because we appreciate all media coverage and viewpoints, but Brooklyn Royalty would not have had nearly the same amount of opportunities without the support of virtually everyone mentioned in the piece, including Fashion Indie, Coutorture and tonight's Digital Moda-sponsor Smashing Darling.

We have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Fashion Indie's Daniel Saynt and his staff for several years, and from their great coverage of the line from its inception to our inclusion in the wildly successful (and professionally done) SS09 Brooklyn Bridge Show, we have known Daniel to be a responsible, passionate advocate for indie fashion.

Daniel Saynt working hard for us at the Brooklyn Bridge Show

Any seasoned writer knows that each publication is required to take on a certain voice for their readers, and the fact that Fashion Indie's voice is provocative and edgy should not reflect on Daniel Saynt's character, merely on his choice of direction for the website. Additonally, every fashion blogger we've ever met has occasionally attended a runway show they were not invited to; it is basically a rite of passage for up-and-coming bloggers and we have a hard time believing that Style Coalition's Yuli Ziv hasn't taken in a few shows in this manner.

Fashion is a tough enough industry for everyone involved, designers and writers alike, without inventing conflicts like this on the pages of a major news publication. Have fun, celebrate your love of fashion, and keep a light-hearted attitude...after all, there's nothing less stylish than an uptight, boring Fashion Week.

Brooklyn Royalty Supports Daniel Saynt and Fashion Indie.
Village Voice Press from The Brooklyn Bridge Show

Press we got in The Williamsburg Courier thanks to Fashion Indie

VDay Dance Party Pics Up!

Brooklyn Royalty Designer Bob Bland and DJ Jeff Ramos

Brooklyn Royalty Designer Bob Bland and RockmSockm's Major

Brooklyn Royalty Designer Bob Bland and Makeup Artist Jessi Butterfield

Check Them All Out:
Photo Album 1
Photo Album 2
(having trouble viewing pics? Friend rockmsockm first, and then view...)

Digital Moda Tonight!

Digital Moda
Address: 110 West 40th & 6th ave. Southwest corner of Bryant Park. It's being held in space owned by FRP Apparel Group & Tapestry International
Time: 6-9PM

We're trying out the world of Fashion 2.0....let's find out whether it lives up to the hype tonight... :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Brooklyn Royalty designer Bob Bland featured in the Epoch Times!

(Image courtesy Tim McDevitt/The Epoch Times)

We were at The Tents on Sunday representing Brooklyn Royalty with the upper echelons of fashion, and here's the first street style post we found....thanks to everyone who sent this!

"Bob Bland, a fashion designer from Brooklyn, who has her own label called “Brooklyn Royalty” exclaimed her passion for DVF: “I love Diane Von Furstenberg, I had lunch with her when I was leaving school and she gave me a lot of great business tips."

Check It Out!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oh Snap! VDAY Party this Saturday!

Get your romance on (or not) at our Official V-Day Dance Party!!!

The Killer VDay Edition of Oh Snap! Dance Party!

Royal Oak
594 Union Avenue (off the Bedford L)
Williamsburg, BK
Open Bar from 10-11, AWESOME gift bags from a secret soho boutique for the ladies (guys, you might even want this one...its that good), Free Limited Edition shirts "Heartees" by, and the soon-to-be-legendary
that's right, for our latest foray into photography we've got all the backdrops, props and fun you need for killer VDAY pics that will last as long as your love (perhaps longer!)